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15.3 Handling an exception


If the handlers of a function-try-block contain a jump into the body of a constructor or destructor, the program is ill-formed.


If a return statement appears in a handler of the function-try-block of a constructor, the program is ill-formed.


The exception being handled is rethrown if control reaches the end of a handler of the function-try-block of a constructor or destructor. Otherwise, a function returns when control reaches the end of a handler for the function-try-block (stmt.return). Flowing off the end of a function-try-block is equivalent to a return with no value; this results in undefined behavior in a value-returning function

コンストラクタ/デストラクタのfunction-try-blockで捕まえられた例外はハンドラ (catch節)のお尻で再throwされる。


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